Home Condition Surveys
Home Condition Surveys


  Home Condition Survey (HCS)

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    Your HCS Will Include: 
  • Building condition and defects
  • Any structural movement
  • Any damp, rot and woodworm
  • Heating and electrical services
  • Alterations
  • Drains
  • Environmental issues
  • Insurance re-instatement 
 What is a Home Condition Survey?   
A fast, comprehensive and competitive service to inspect your new home for all the major defects that are likely to affect your decision to purchase. HCS is carried out by a fully qualified and certified residential property surveyor. It gives you a no-nonsense assessment of the condition of the property using a simple 1, 2, 3 rating guide and a jargon-free approach.
The HCS provides an independent survey for buyers who need to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

Generally the report is similar to a detailed structural survey of a dwelling. The surveyor will examine both the interior and the exterior of the property, together with the services connected to it, for example drains connections.
The survey entails examining the fabric of the building including any extensions and/or out buildings surrounding the property. The type of building construction is noted and the surveyor will assess all areas of the property including where possible, loft areas, loft conversions, drain inspections, electrical wiring etc, and will record all findings.
The main purpose of the Home Condition Survey is to find and record any defects in the property. A detailed report will provide the home buyer with every aspect of the surveyor's findings and any defects will be noted.

If the buyer has access to the HCS they can take account of any defects reported and use this as a bargaining tool to re-negotiate the asking price if the seller has not made any improvements to the property. Thus the buyer may be able to agree a lower offer for the property in its current state.

Remember that a mortgage lender's Valuation Report only answers the lender's questions about appropriate security for your loan; it is not reliable as an indication of the condition of a property.
HCS is written in plain English and uses condition ratings to assess each element of the property. It includes photos of any defects or faults. The HCS does not include a valuation. See the comparison chart below to see why SAVA Home Condition Survey is so valuable.

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SAVA, Surveyors And Valuers Accreditation, regulates surveyors who carry out the SAVA Home Condition Survey. It is an approved regulator of Home Inspectors and all its surveyors have a diploma in Home Inspection and a full Criminal Records Bureau check. SAVA has an established reputation as a champion of residential property surveying standards and employs thorough checks and quality insurance procedures designed to guarantee consumer confidence. 

Peace Of Mind

  • Identification of major problems early in the purchase process
  • Be more certain about the property you are buying
  • On going quality assurance program
  • Accredited and comprehensively insured surveyors 

Easy To Understand   

  • Simple 1, 2, 3 condition rating of all elements of the property
  • Comprehensive and jargon-free report

SELTEC is a full professional member of SAVA and RPSA, and can produce a HCS for properties across East Midlands.


Representative Professional Body for Independent Specialist Residential Surveyors













Home Condition Surveys