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Fully automated instruction software enables us to deliver EPCs within 24-72 working hours from the order date, unless we encounter access problems. 

On receipt of an official order the assessor will visit the site. 

Energy Performance Certificates


What is an Energy Performance Certificate? 
Energy performance Certificates (EPCs) inform you of the energy efficiency of a building on a scale of A-G. The most efficient buildings being in band A and the least in band G. The Certificate indicates the impact of a building on the environment and it also includes recommendations to improve energy performance.  
It is now a legal requirement for all properties being sold or offered for rent to have an EPC. This is as a result of a directive initiated by the EU to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The directive has become law; as such every EU country must have systems in place to ensure EPCs are completed for all residential and commercial buildings at the point of sale or rent.  
SELTEC is registered, accredited and monitored by the SAVA (Surveyors And Valuers Accreditation) + NHER (National Home Energy Rating) Certification and Accreditation scheme.  
For rental properties it became mandatory to have an EPC  for any property being marketed for rent from 1 October 2008. Landlords must provide an EPC to all prospective tenants, the first time the property is let after this date.  The EPC is valid for ten years. 

Sellers will need to provide an EPC to all prospective purchasers. The EPC is valid for ten years. Failure to do so may result in a fine from the Trading Standards Office.

We appreciate how confusing it can be to understand what is required as a result of the new regulations. SELTEC domestic energy assessors are here to help you comply with the new requirements for residential properties.

SELTEC Home Surveyor / Domestic Energy Assessor / Green Deal Advisor

  • ABBE Diploma in Home Inspection (ABBE DipHI)
  • ABBE Diploma in Domestic Energy Assessments (ABBE DipDEA)
  • EDI Diploma in Green Deal Advice (EDI DipGDA)
  • CRB Checked
  • Certified with SAVA
  • Accredited with NHER
  • SAVA + NHER ID Card
  • Full Professional Member of RPSA
  • Health and Safety Tested - CSCS Card